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Unblocking of toilets, basins, sinks and drains

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Blocked toilets, basins and drains can happen at the most inappropriate moments and are more than just a little inconvenient.


So you just flushed the toilet and instead of the water going down, it keeps rising and you start to panic. Before you flood the bathroom, there are some things you can do to stop the toilet bowl from filling up with water.


What to Do When Your Toilet Is Blocked


  1. Take the tank lid off quickly and close the toilet flapper. It looks like a round drain stopper and is attached to a chain.


  1. Whatever you do, don’t flush again.


  1. Prepare the bathroom with newspaper or paper towels to make the cleanup easier.


  1. Call a plumber!


How to Fix Blocked Drains


A blocked shower or bath drain is one of the most popular issues you’ll come across in the everyday use of your bathroom.


A drain doesn’t have to be completely blocked to be a problem. Even if the water just seems to drain slowly, it will become a bigger problem over time. Soap buildup, hair, grime and dirt can become slimy and slippery which is an accident waiting to happen. Not even mentioning how unsightly it is.


While there are many DIY methods to unclog drains, not all of them are safe. When you use robust chemicals, you risk inhaling hazardous fumes. Additionally, it can cause serious damage if it comes into contact with your skin or eyes.


There are many reports of chemicals melting plastic pipes due to reacting with the sealant or other chemicals. When using more than one chemical that isn’t compatible, it can even cause explosions.


The unblocking of toilets, basins, sinks and drains is a dirty job better left for a skilled plumber. For three quotes in a matter of minutes, get in touch with Plumbers Cape today