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Shower floor replacements

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With passing time, you shower floor ages and its flaws can quickly become more visible. Every crack in the grout creates an opportunity for water to flow into the shower floor concrete subfloor where water can puddle. When this happens, you’ll be faced with mould and mildew growth.


If you don’t like your shower floor due to its rough and sharp-looking edges, you can change it by laying a new tile layer over the existing floor. No need to remove the old tile or grout.


Tiling over your shower floor is much easier than pulling up the current tiles and re-tiling. Assuming of course that the floor underneath is solid without any cracks in the existing tile.


One advantage of doing this is that it is less time-consuming. This method is also more cost-effective.


Shower Floor Ideas



Tiles are extremely beautiful and versatile. It’s also an affordable option. There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from and you can customise the design to your exact liking. The biggest con is the presence of grout. Grout needs a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh and free from mould. It also needs to be sealed on a regular basis.



Marble shower floors look luxurious and stunning but it’s also an expensive option. Additionally, it requires regular maintenance since it stains and scratches easily.



This type of shower floor is extremely versatile with many designs available. It requires little maintenance to keep it looking good. The downside is that grout is needed between tiles.



A pebble shower floor is an extremely popular choice since it looks amazing and feels fabulous underneath your feet. The only disadvantage is keeping the pebbles and grout clean.


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