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There are few things as annoying as a dripping tap. The sound of each drop can drive you nuts. But what’s even more annoying is the hefty water bill and safety risks that accompany this plumbing issue.


What Is the Cause of a Dripping Tap


There are many reasons why your taps might start dripping:


Pressure Issues

When the water pressure in your home is too high, it can cause dripping taps. Water gets trapped in an area and prevented from flowing away. Because of this backup, it then leaks out somewhere else. It’s never a good idea to ignore pressure problems because they can be a sign of bigger issues in your plumbing system and tend to escalate quickly.


Wear and Tear of Interior Parts

A worn washer or cartridge can cause a steady drip but this is, more often than not, just the start of the problem. If one of the interior parts are broken, the leak will only get worse. Once the problem increases in severity, you’ll be dealing with a flood instead of a few drips.


How Do You Stop a Dripping Tap


A tap that’s constantly dripping indicates that the tap washer needs replacing but dripping can also be caused by a broken valve seating.


While it’s entirely possible to fix a dripping tap yourself if you are in doubt it’s better to call a professional plumber.


Why You Should Call a Professional to Fix Your Dripping Tap


Resources are Being Wasted

You might not think too much of your tiny leak but even if it’s just a drop in the ocean, you are contributing to a significant waste of natural resources. What’s even more, you’ll be feeling the pain when your next water bill comes.


Mould Can Develop

Mould is more harmful than you might think. It can destroy your walls, floors and furniture as well as trigger allergies. It can even cause respiratory problems like asthma.


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