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Certificate of compliance (COC)

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Similar to an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC), a Plumbing COC is now required when a property is sold or transferred. This is applicable to domestic properties, industrial and commercial properties as well as sectional titles.


What is a Plumbing COC?


The certificate of compliance is designed so a licensed plumber can self-certify their plumbing work and issue a plumbing COC to the owner, insurance company or municipality. This way the plumber takes ownership for his work which means he can be held accountable should something go



Why is a Certificate of Compliance is important?


The purpose of issuing a Certificate of Compliance is to verify that plumbing installations comply with regulatory requirements.


It is the law that any person working on a plumbing installation should either be qualified or work under the supervision of someone who is.


When is a Certificate of Compliance issued?


A Plumbing COC is issued for most plumbing jobs, including the following:


  • Electric and solar water heating system installations, replacements and relocations
  • For plumbing jobs that cost more than R1500 (including labour, materials and VAT)
  • Sanitary Drain installations, renovations or construction below or above ground


What information should the Certificate of Compliance include?


  • Name and license number of the plumber
  • Physical address where plumbing job took place
  • Date of work completion
  • Details and serial codes of all fixtures and appliances installed
  • Numeric code for every plumbing task category should be circled
  • Licensed plumber signature and date
  • Any additional information should be written in the provided space


At Plumbers Cape we only work with licensed plumbers that are able to present their clients with a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) when the plumbing project is completed. For an obligation-free quote from 3 registered plumbers, send us a request or give us a call today.