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CCTV drain inspection

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A CCTV drain inspection camera is a valuable tool to help figure out if there’s a problem with your home’s plumbing system. If your water isn’t draining as quickly as it used to, or you’ve got an overflowing toilet, a drain inspection might be exactly what you need.


Before you get a plumber out to do a CCTV drain inspection, it’s vital that you know what this camera inspection can pick up and what it can’t.


How Is a CCTV Drain Inspection Done


To inspect your plumbing system and find possible issues, a camera connected to a flexible cable is inserted into the pipes. To see what’s going on in your pipes, the plumber watches on a monitor above ground level.


It’s important to note that a drain inspection via a CCTV camera cannot detect leaks. This is because it cannot see outside the pipe if water is seeping through cracks. It is, however, useful as an additional tool in leak detection.


Why Do a CCTV Drain Inspection in the First Place?


While a camera cannot detect leaks, there are certain situations where the camera alone is effective in solving your issue.


A CCTV drain inspection can be done to locate sewage lines in order to determine why it isn’t working as it should. It can also be done to locate blockages in your pipes. If you want to determine what type of pipes you have, a CCTV drain inspection will be able to tell you.


A camera drain inspection can save you money on unnecessary damage to your property since you won’t have to guess where the problem in your plumbing system is.


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